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Aug 16, 2013

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Intimacy is one of a man’s most basic needs, and anything that interferes the ability to be intimate is a serious issue.  A surprising number of men today suffer from a condition called erectile dysfunction (ED), its causes are either psychological or physical, and while it can be embarrassing to bring up with your doctor, there are some very effective treatments available.

What Causes ED?

Physical Conditions
One of the most common causes for ED is a lack of blood flow to the genital area – which is a symptom of smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, abnormal hormone levels, aging, medication side-effects etc.

Psychological Conditions
Often times depression, performance anxiety, fatigue, among other reasons contribute to ED.

By itself loss of libido could be a sign of depression, impotence by itself is a depressing experience for any man, and can sometimes compound the issue. Many times men are too embarrassed to bring up the topic with their physician, and by not seeking help they make the issue worse by slipping deeper into depression. This is unfortunate because, more often than not, it is possible to determine the cause(s) of ED, and in turn find solutions to treat it successfully.

What can be done to Treat ED?

There are numerous ways to treat ED and they include medications, lifestyle changes, operations, and therapy. The most important thing to do is have ED diagnosed properly by a physician, and while this can be hard, the longer you wait, the more opportunities you lost to be intimate.

How Can AFM Help?

At AFM we are dedicated to providing complete health care for you and your family. If you have any questions about ED or similar issues do not hesitate to contact us. Our phone number is: (425) 453-6838.

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